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Natural horsemanship Course

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This Horse Communication Course is 4 nights from April 28 - May 2 2019 (Adults Only)

Natural Horsemanship is about the horse teaching you about yourself! To make a natural connection with the horse it is obvious that we need to communicate with him on his level. For this to be possible we need to raise our awareness especially of our unconscious actions as we are continually giving him signals whether we mean to or not. The horse reads our body language and emotions which of course are both related to our thoughts. As we become more in touch with all our senses we can react with appropriate sensitivity and timing. So often problems arise in training horses just because we are doing too much.    Click here for more details  
  • Every morning: Natural Horsemanship in ranch arena and play area, where we practice Communication, Energy use, Lightness, rapport and Connection. Simulations with other students (Max. 5), groundwork /games with horses (how to interpret body language).
  • Every afternoon: we ride out or walk with our horses on the property trails and experience what we have learned.
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