Confidence Builder Package

5 night ‘Confidence builder’ Package
This Confidence Builder Package is 5 nights, April 14- April 19 2019 (Adults Only)

Connection and Awareness become knowledge:

Knowledge Leads to Confidence! If we are not aware of ourselves we cannot expect the horse to understand us or feel good being in our company.

While learning to connect with a horse, who is a purely intuitive being, we will learn to be quiet and still in the present moment and authentic in our communication. Luckily for us horses are extremely tolerant of our human clumsiness which allows us to learn from him along the way if we pay attention to the feedback.
The horse has no hidden agenda and asks us to become more natural and take total responsibility and grow confident around them!

  • Every morning: Natural Horsemanship in ranch arena and forest/field play area, where we go over developing Feel, Balance, Energy use and Connection. We will challenge you to be brave by stepping out of your comfort zone. You will discover Harmony within yourself and with the horse! How to halter, saddle, lead, mounting your horse, riding with one rein, and developing a balanced and deep seat (bareback session).
  • Every afternoon: we ride out off the property on the trails and practice what we have learned!