Spa Oasis

Reconnect and restore your passion for life at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa.

ECHO VALLEY — Nestled in the heart of British Columbia’s spectacular cowboy country, nature has created the perfect setting for a world-class spa and one of the world’s premier eco and soft-adventure ranches — the perfect place for couples to reconnect and restore their passion for life.

The minute guests arrive at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa they sense the magic of being surrounded by incredible beauty, wide-open spaces and tranquil wilderness. Those who come for the luxurious spa soon realize they have found a sanctuary for care and inner harmony.

The world-class Baan Thai spa pavilion provides a special place for rejuvenation and serenity. Professional Thai therapists perform spa treatments for the care of mind, body and soul derived from ancient Thai wisdom.

The Baan Thai and the Cariboo spas include a full range of Western as well as Asian spa therapies. These include facials, herbal aroma therapy massages and steam baths, hydrotherapy, body wraps, manicures, pedicures, and of course – Echo Valley’s signature Thai massage, where stretching and applied pressure to points along your sen lines free up energy flow throughout your body.

The magnificent Baan Thai offers a unique spa experience, including the soothing effects of herbal steam treatments and an herbal oil massage combined with the rejuvenating qualities of our luk pra kob (herbal bag).
Experience other Thai therapies such as kud rang guy (herbal body scrub), nued nha (Thai facial using hands only) and pog rang guy (herbal wraps).

The spa at Echo Valley is an integral and important part of “well-being of mind, body and spirit.” It complements the ranch’s other soft adventures, which include horseback riding, hiking and fly fishing.

Relaxed, refreshed and enlightened, guests leave Echo Valley with a restored passion for life and in anticipation for next year’s visit.