Meeter Greeters

When driving into Three Bars Ranch, it’s hard not to notice the breathtaking beauty all-around. Along the long, curvy road leading into the ranch you take in the sites – trees surround the road on both sides with glimpses of the Rocky Mountains in between, home to a variety of wild life. You may have to stop briefly while a couple dude horses amble across the gravel road on route to the creek for a nice cold drink on a hot day.

Once you drive into Three Bars, it’s even harder not to notice the instant hospitality waiting for you at the front gate. The official Three Bars greeter is friendly, with a big smile that shows off his pearly whites. His soft kind brown eyes say it all, “welcome to my home, I’m so happy to meet you.” Although his long, slightly curly hair, which is outlined in white, is a little unruly, he is very easy on the eyes. No worries about where to go from here, he’ll show you the way. In case you were wondering his name is Max and he is the “meeter greeter”, a three-year-old Australian Shepherd, one of many “ranch dogs” you will encounter on your visit to Three Bars.

Once at the lodge you will most likely be greeted next by the “man of the house”, Bo Bo, an elderly black and tan wiener dog. He’ll bark upon your arrival to let April or Tyler know you have arrived so you can get situated in your cozy cabin. If he’s not in the lodge, Bo Bo can be found trailing Jeff Beckley around the ranch doing his daily chores. His favorite past-time is hunting, whether it be small game such as gophers or tracking a large elk (don’t let his size fool you, he is quite a good hunter).

Next, you will most likely be introduced to Tyler Beckley, who will be followed by a slow, snorting, fat bulldog, fondly known as Bru. He’ll need to to get really close to you so he can sniff you as his sense of smell is not so good. He’d particularly like it if you scratched him – his short chubby legs just don’t reach far enough. Bru spends his days sleeping upstairs in the lodge office snoring loudly and occasionally wanders outside to bask in the sunshine.

So now you’re all set and have discarded your bags in your cabin. So you head out for a walk-about around the ranch to get your bearings and check things out. At some point you will wander past the reiner barn that houses all the performance horses. Here you meet Tank and Joe. They are in their kennels, wagging their stubby tails, eager for some attention. The “boys” as they are often referred to are German Short Haired Pointers, and Three Bars bird hunting dogs. The boys are about two-years-old now and Jeff Beckley trained them himself. They are proving themselves as great bird dogs, and if you happened to book a pheasant hunt at the ranch, they will be more than willing to help you out with getting your birds.

If she hasn’t already, Miss Tiggy, the “Barn Queen”, will come running – barking the whole way. You may be expecting something large in size, but simply look down and you will see a little red haired eight pound wiener dog. Don’t be offended when she doesn’t let you pet her, she is very shy and a bit of a snob – it takes a while for her to warm up to people. Your best bet is to simply ignore her, which she eventually won’t be able to stand and will come see you and may even let you give her a little pat. Tiggy spends her days helping Jesse and Dee out in the arena with the reining horses. Her best days are when she gets to assist in lounging a horse or two, she is a working dog after all!

Last but not least, when you go in for dinner Sunday night you most likely will be happily greeted by Marley, Jenna Beckley’s affectionate yellow Lab. After you’re all finished with dinner Marley is more than happy to play and loves kids – entertaining is her specialty.

Needless to say you will not be forgotten at Three Bars. There’s always a “meeter greeter” and smiling face at each corner of Three Bars Ranch.