BC Guest Ranchers Media Story Ideas

BC Guest Ranchers Media Story Ideas

The Art of Guest Ranching

British Columbia has truly perfected the art of guest ranching. For generations, BC’s guest ranches have been offering the experience of the ‘western way of life’ – from sleeping under the stars to high end luxury accommodations that allow guests to experience real life on a ranch.

Ranchers provide their guests with a new appreciation for connecting with nature through the amazing land that is their backyard during their ranch stay. From cowboy-inspired dude ranches and sophisticated wilderness luxury to family friendly experiences, these guest ranches focus on riding with horsemanship lessons, cattle drives, wilderness pack horse excursions and leisurely paced rides in unparalleled beauty. There are also lessons in bear and wilderness survival, guiding, organic gardens and the simple pleasures of relaxing in rustic and luxury surroundings.

Weddings in the Wild

Couples tying the knot this year are focussing on personal touches and their shared history rather than extravagance to make their nuptials special. Instead of heading to the Starbucks where they met to wed over a tall non-fat latte, as a few couples have recently chosen to do, more are looking for more a romantic way to reflect their character in their choice of wedding location.

Their options are as endless as their love, a destination wedding that’s closer to home, a wild wedding in an unconventional location – even a colder climate with wolves roaming in the background – or a remote wedding in a place they want to explore together.

These wedding trends not only show what the couple really stands for but will even keep cranky Aunt Edna and the rest of the hard-to-please loved ones happy, if they get an invitation that is.

British Columbia offers 14 of the most incredible guest ranch experiences from BC Guest Ranchers’ Association for horse-loving couples looking for a wedding in wild open spaces. The backdrop of rugged mountains, gurgling streams and log wood buildings is offset by the rustic to the luxury settings that can bring families together and cater to the special moment. The beauty also lies in the simplicity – one call can take care of catering, accommodation and a variety of activities to entertain all the guests. Above all, this is one wedding where you can literally ride off into the sunset. Ranches offering weddings include Three Bars Ranch, Big Bar Ranch, Spring Lake Ranch and Echo Valley Ranch and Spa.

Cowboys and Carbon Footprints

Women eco-preneurs combine conservation, compassion and life’s little luxuries to offer new solutions in environmentally responsible travel

In 2009 in Vancouver, the Dalai Lama proclaimed that western women will come to the rescue of the world. He believes that women with their nurturing instincts are naturally more compassionate and that they tend to reinvest their profits in their families and communities. These two reasons alone were enough for him to make this strong statement and these six women who are following their natural instincts and developing these sustainable tourism experiences are examples of just that.

An eco-lodge owned by Allyson Rogers is an example of a leading eco-preneur inviting international travelers to take a deep breath, immerse themselves in pristine natural environment, and pamper themselves- all with a minimal eco-footprint and positive impacts on communities surrounding their resorts.

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