BC Guest Ranchers Media Fact Sheet

  • Established in 1985, the B.C. Guest Ranchers Association is comprised of 14 Guest Ranches with the majority located in the Chilcotin Cariboo and the Thompson Okanagan regions (central) of the province.
  • Dude Ranch (American Style) can be found north of the border too. Try Three Bars Cattle and Guest Ranch, Sundance Guest Ranch, or The Hills Health Ranch for this experience that has captured the imagination of film makers to city slickers (and all the ranch and horse loving people in between)
  • Three Ranches are owned and operated by women: Siwash Lake Ranch – Allyson Rogers; Tod Mountain Ranch– Tracey O’Connell; and Free Rein Guest Ranch – Debbie Atha
  • Dude or Guest Ranching has been an active business in British Columbia since 1923.
  • Spas are as popular on the range as they are in the big city: Two ranches offering full spa services are Echo Valley Ranch & Spa and The Hills Health Ranch
  • Rustic to Luxury, the range of choice is great today than it has ever been and the BCGRA covers it all: When thinking Ranch stay do you think Luxury? Siwash Lake Ranch and Echo Valley Ranch & Spa both offer high-end accommodation and amenities and culinary experiences that will have your rethinking the ‘rustic’ image often conjured up
  • Let’s talk rustic. When you picture the cowboy on the horse coming over the range with the sun setting on a mountain as you kick back on a wooden chair by your log cabin think: Big Bar Guest Ranch and Crystal Waters Guest Ranch
  • Multi-generational ranching: The Beckley family of Three Bars Cattle and Guest Ranch are into their third generation of guest ranchers and The Rowe family at Sundance Guest Ranch has been at it for 32 years.
  • Hollywood seeks out stars and often animals too. Tod Mountain is home to Jet, a horse double (yes they have them too) who is unbridled, muscular with sleek brown coat and loves to run. During filming, Jet often stood in for the star, in Flicker 2
  • Ranches range in land size and also by the number of guests they can accommodate. Boutique ranches include: Chezacut – 8 people, Free Rein and Siwash – 12 people. The larger ranches can easily have as many as 55 (Sundance Ranch) to 100 guests (The Hills) at one time.
  • Cowboys and Carbon Footprints – listed as ‘off-the-grid’ a trip to Siwash Lake Ranch will demonstrate a healthy land and western lifestyle can indeed walk hand-in-hand
  • Education takes on many forms, Ranches offer the enjoyable way of learning about nature while on horseback (or not). Learn about wolves, wilderness survival, bear survival, cheese making and log home building to mention a few.
  • Chilcotin Holidays is where the Canadian Wilderness Tourism Training Centre is – the only educational facility in Canada offering certified wilderness guide training
  • Family Reunions and ‘Gramping’ – Grandparents spending time with Grandchildren – are growing in popularity, and ranches are a rising to the occasion by offering activities for the whole family and no daily distractions of city life. (all ranches provide options with one or two exceptions based on adults-only or limited space)
  • Organic culinary experiences on the range are not always what one expects. Try Chezacut Wilderness Adventures who use organic beef, have a vegetable and herb garden and, thereby make home grown, organic meals or step onto Siwash Lake Ranch and browse through their extensive organic garden before sitting down to a culinary experience worthy of any city restaurant.
  • A spectacular sunset/sunrise – guaranteed at all 14 ranches, unless, of course, it is overcast.
  • Fly-fishing – some of the best fishing in the country can be done from the lands of the guest ranches
  • Number of languages spoken among the ranch owners: seven – French, Swiss, Swiss-German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and English – a reflection of the rich heritage of the province and its people.
  • Most common phrase heard from the Ranchers Association, “Jump up, grab hold, take the reins”

B.C. Guest Ranchers’ Association Media Contact:

Nicolle Dupont
Director of Marketing
BC Guest Ranchers’ Association
7306 Caroline Road, Lone Butte, BC V0K 1X2
Phone: (250) 593-0258
Fax: (250) 593-4071