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Visit a Cowboy Guest Ranch

If you’ve always dreamed of taking a true cowboy holiday – full of adventure and camaraderie – then you need to saddle up to some of Canada’s best cowboy guest ranches, right here in British Columbia. Some of our member guest ranches are actually working cowboy guest ranches, where you can try your hand at…
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Siwash Lake Ranch

Your Dollar Can Take You On the Vacation of a Lifetime

Now is a perfect time for US citizens to visit their friendly northern neighbour, Canada. Thanks to a positive exchange rate your US dollar will now take you further; all the way to British Columbia and your ideal BC Dude Ranch vacation! Be whisked away into the Canadian wilderness and choose to stay at one…
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woman on guitar with guests

Ranch Holidays: What to Expect

Never been on a guest ranch holiday and curious what to expect? Well, each of our member guest ranches in BC has their own personality and specialties. So if you’re picturing something specific for your ranch vacation, you can use that as your starting point to find the perfect ranching holiday. For example, if you’ve…
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Fine Cuisine

Luxury Dude Ranch Vacations?

The idea of luxury dude ranch vacations may seem like a contradiction. After all, for some folks, the thought of dude ranches and guest ranches conjure up certain simplicity – and a good chance to get your hands a little dirty by chipping in on the ranch work. But many British Columbia guest ranches have…
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The Best Horse Riding Holidays

There’s something special about horse riding holidays: Whether it’s your very first time on a horse, or the latest in a long line of horseback riding vacations, horse riding holidays are like nothing else. And the friendly guest ranches and dude ranches in British Columbia offer the very best horse riding holidays in the world.…
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Unforgettable Family Ranch Vacations

If you’re looking for a real vacation experience to help your family re-connect, family ranch vacations at family-friendly dude ranches in BC are the way to go. One of the reasons dude ranch vacations for families are a great idea is that the horseback riding lets everyone focus on the experience – and each other…
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Working Vacation

Spring Lake Ranch is tucked in the heart of British Columbia’s Cariboo country. Unique to many guest ranches, Spring Lake offers a “Working Vacation”. Involved in this, vacations offer free room and board for a minimum of six weeks. Work involves maintenance, cleaning of cabins, yard work, kitchen duty and of course working with the…
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So You Think You Can Ranch?

Free Rein Guest Ranch is situated amidst some of British Columbia’s most beautiful Canadian wilderness on 285 acres. Opening day for the season was May 1st, but there was a lot that had to be done prior so everything was ready and up to par for arriving guests. This year Free Rein implemented a new…
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