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Luxury Dude Ranch Vacations?

The idea of luxury dude ranch vacations may seem like a contradiction. After all, for some folks, the thought of dude ranches and guest ranches conjure up certain simplicity – and a good chance to get your hands a little dirty by chipping in on the ranch work. But many British Columbia guest ranches have…
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The Best Horse Riding Holidays

There’s something special about horse riding holidays: Whether it’s your very first time on a horse, or the latest in a long line of horseback riding vacations, horse riding holidays are like nothing else. And the friendly guest ranches and dude ranches in British Columbia offer the very best horse riding holidays in the world.…
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Unforgettable Family Ranch Vacations

If you’re looking for a real vacation experience to help your family re-connect, family ranch vacations at family-friendly dude ranches in BC are the way to go. One of the reasons dude ranch vacations for families are a great idea is that the horseback riding lets everyone focus on the experience – and each other…
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Building a Guest Ranch

If you’ve ever visited a guest ranch, you may have had this overwhelming feeling that there would be no better job in the world than to own and run a guest ranch of your own. The benefits are countless – live in a beautiful part of the world with animals of all kinds, working with…
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History Lesson

Big Bar Guest Ranch is nestled in the rolling hills of the Cariboo where time has no meaning. The ranch dates back to 1933 when Harry Marriott and George S Harrison purchased the ranch (back then it was a cattle ranch) and started the OK Ranching Co Ltd. The Harrison House, (where today’s guests enjoy…
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